Saturday, February 12, 2011

GTA: San Andreas Ghost Stories

Ok, everyone knows that all of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto games are packed full of Easter Eggs, pop culture references, and just a ton of random jokes and strange occurences. It should come as no suprise then that there are a few creepy stories hidden in this game, though I'm not sure if they're glitches or purposely inserted by the programmers.

The first is known as "The Ghostly Glendale"

If you're wandering out in the area named "The Back O' Beyond" just past the 'dissappearing pool", a small pond that will cause anything left in it to vanish, there is a small hill. If you go near this hill at night a Glendale, one of the cars from the game, will mysteriously appear and will roll towards you until it stops at the bottom of the hill.
Some people even claim it always swerves towards the player.
Also of note, is the fact that the car always spawns in a "wrecked" condition, with dents and scratches that cannot be caused by driving it around and bumping into things.

The next story is about the "Suicidal Photographer"

This photographer can be one of many different NPC skins, so he or she will not always look the same. The photographer will spawn in the trailer park near the Los Santos Inlet and will take a few pictures, facing east, before standing and walking straight into the water, and drowning.

It seems photographers aren't the only suicidal inhabitants of San Andreas though, there is a back alley where you can watch people continually spawn and jump off of "Lemming Tower", which is named both for the people who jump off and because Rockstar used to be known for a game called "Lemmings". (However, lemmings are known for killing themselves because in the 1950's Disney did a documentary on animals and chased a large herd of lemmings over a cliff while filming.)
If you get any closer to the jumpers than the back alley, they will dissappear. Also, if you wait for one to jump and then go look for the body, nothing is there.

Then there's the "Ghost World", aka "Blue Hell"
Mostly, this is just a game glitch. You have to have GameShark or something similar, and enter a few cheat codes to get into the ghost world, and once there, there's not much to do. It's just San Andreas without any NPCs, cars, or missions and an eerie blue and grey tint.


  1. There was a rumor of a sasquatch in san andreas which I spent a worthless week looking for!

  2. It is a mod, that's how people came up with the proof videos.